Most Original Business Model Unveiled

Take your passion to the next level by doing something you enjoy!  If you are into model airplane shows, garage sales, story times at the local library, high school football games, crawfish festivals, pool tournaments, happy hours, fashion shows, Super Bowl “after parties”, technology conferences, the World Economic Forum, and much more, there is a real opportunity for you.  But first, what do these items have in common?  They are events.  Yes, events! Each has a purpose, time, location, date, cost. 

Here’s the deal: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing do NOT offer a way to find your favorite hyper-local event or gathering for what you like to do.  For example, National Career Fairs posts job fairs by “tweeting”.  Well, how can you find this information quickly after the tweet has come and gone, which is usually a few seconds?  You like crawfish, as I do, and want to know which ones are close by? 

The problem: for every category of activity or event, there is a website wanting to check out their calendar.  Further, the information often gets stale or is inaccurate and you cannot access easily from your mobile device.  Not to mention each city has it’s local paper with things to do.  

GoSeeDo solves this problem and you can be part of this tremendous business opportunity.  We are offering an opportunity for the first 500 people to become part owners to reap the financial rewards of the first mobile site for events.  Yes, owners or “early founders”.  You get to make suggestions, improve the site and reap in the profits, which are huge as more people experience the contextually relevant information in real-time direct from their mobile browser or from your laptop.

The strategy is simple: grow the membership base and share in the financial profits as growth happens and get a fat check when we exercise our exit strategy. Yes, that is the exit strategy to be acquired by a major player.  So, in essence what your doing is helping to prove this model works to add global events from every corner of the world so people can access quickly and accurately.  Sounds cool?  Nevertheless, it takes work and I have been working on this now for over a year and just now releasing for global participation.  

Each weekend, I see signs littering the streets to come to yard sales.  When people use GoSeeDofrom their Smartphone or PC, you can quickly see, as people add new yard sales.  Let me be clear, this is not a get rich quick scheme of any kind.  It is not multi-level marketing where you have to buy something.  It is not a Ponzi scheme because we are not promising anything using new investor’s money to pay existing people.  

There are events sites to be sure, which typically have concerts, like Live Nation or Yahoo Upcoming.  What we’ve done is scarily simple:

  1. Our community of people can add events right from their phone and updates the site in real-time.
  2. Our events do not appear 48 hours after time has passed, so information is always fresh.
  3. We provide a place for people who have niche interests that are hard to categorize on larger sites with broader interests. (e.g. biker events, Cancer walks, homecoming parties, etc).
  4. We will share in the revenue with our early founders of the site.  With early dotcoms, only a few privileged few made money, and they typically invested millions of dollars, usually venture capital funders.  With GoSeeDo, you will get a piece of the action as one of the initial early founders as we call our first group of 1,000 members who pay .99 cents per month; that’s $11.88 for the entire year. 
  5. Our strategy is completely viral and will use the Internet, mobile and word of mouth to share our value proposition.
  6. One site for any event you can imagine on the planet.  We can add subcategories to get as specific as you like.
  7. The development team is located in India and will make updates to functionality, as we need them.  
  8. We will not ever rely on advertising as a business model.  Our business model is based on monthly subscription fees.
  9. We are democratizing the opportunity to experience a big payday without money from the venture capital community.  What typically happens is a few people literally (less than a handful) make billions while others get crumbs. 
  10. Early founders, who believe in this model, will experience something great potentially, without the stress of sales, politics, and the like.  Just share with people and talk about it.  So, if 500 or so can enjoy a windfall isn’t that better than reading about one person aka Mark Zuckerberg, making $2-3 billion all to himself?  
  11. Revenue distribution: important question all of you want to know: revenue distribution starts based on several factors: 1) you receive 50% of gross revenue per month after 2) 6 months of consecutive participation 3) growth in new user sign-ups 3) revenue distribution starts when the site gets to 500,000 paid subscribers.  So, for example, “early founders” will receive $8,316 at this subscription level, doing this part time.  At 2 million paid subscribers, “early founders will receive $33,264.00, and going to $83,160 at 5 million users.

I will let each of you do the math, and appreciate the opportunity for something great.  Again, this is not a get rich quick scheme, but a wealth creation model that requires a part-time effort by sharing cool and interesting, places to Go, fun places to See and exciting things to Do.  The key is patience and perseverance.  Drop me an email or simply sign up and I will follow up shortly.  I am available to talk if you have any questions, so please call me. if you’d like.

The world’s first mobile optimized website for events designed for your mobile browser is getting close.  I want to share a few screen shots to show you how it looks. We have heard mobile users loud and clear, so we are focused on extremely zippy, down right fast download speeds.  In addition, we are applying best practices from Mobiforge, using the MobiReady.  The MobiReady testing tool evaluates mobile-readiness using industry best practices and standards.

The very cool feature is once you sign-up you can add as many events as you’d like direct from your mobile device and instantly other mobile users can see.

We are sticklers for quality data, so key fields are required, because what you see on the web and in newspapers and magazines is more often than not, is incomplete event information.  For example, partial addresses (e.g. 451 Crawford) or missing city, no description or missing times or no cost information.  Our mobile site is wicked fast, and responsive, so stay tuned, and join us at and or signup for text updates when the mobile site launches.

Thanks for all the great support and feedback up to this point.

Global, Regional and Local Events: New Way to Get Out the Word

GoSeeDo is a mobile information service for events.  The value is compelling: you or the owner of your organization can add, update and share events direct from you mobile device.  As of this writing (10-4-09) no other service on the planet allows you to ADD an event direct from your mobile web browser.  There are 46 million websites on the Internet. Just imagine 40 million mobile sites with event content for every single category from Chess Tournaments to Motorcycle rallies to business networking luncheons.  At GoSeeDo we offer 34 categories accessible via our mobile optimized direct from your mobile phone browser.

What’s the big deal, when I can just post a link to my event on Twitter or Facebook? That is actually the problem.  People just like you, want structured, accurate data about an event that helps them make a decision on whether or not to attend, purchase a ticket, bring along others or spread the word.

Twitter is the cross your fingers and pray approach to getting out the word, here’s why:

  1. Can’t identify event information by date
  2. Can’t find location specific information
  3. Can’t find information by category
  4. Can’t find information by zip code
  5. Information is designed to get to your FOLLOWERS and not others
  6. Information if often out of date regarding past events shows

Facebook is a hit or miss strategy for getting out the word, here’s why:

  1. Information is more often very incomplete and not useful (missing location, address, and sometimes specific date)
  2. Content is highly unstructured and not user friendly
  3. Inability to EDIT information while on the go. One has “resend” to your so-called friends or update a wall
  4. You must have a lot of friends with similar interests to be effective
  5. Event content is NOT mobile and accessible in user-friendly way via mobile browser
  6. Service of Facebook is more about 1 to 1 communication rather than 1 to many
  7. Categories are limited and not nearly granular enough given the varied interests and breadth of the Facebook community

With our service, we believe that people want a way to make a decision and searching for some place to go, a group to see or something to do is half the fun.  So, what we have done is take a basic approach similar to Craigslist (just the data madam) no advertising and given people the power to add events directly from our website or mobile device while on the go.  In addition to data feeds from popular event sites, we have created a platform that you can monetize for your newspaper or give away the content for free.  Choosing to give highly structured data, that is contextually relevant, that helps make a decision about how to spend your time and money and do so via your mobile device has tremendous benefit to individuals and organizations.

Just imagine, you are listening to the radio or read an ad for an event 3 weeks from the date you read it, and it sounds interesting, but you can’t remember where you read or heard.  We want people from every country to say, “visit GoSeeDo, find your city and select your category or keyword direct from your mobile phone”. This takes 3 seconds to say.

Why use GoSeeDo and not use other sites.  You can use other sites, but what we are doing is more useful to a broader audience and designed 100% for mobile user experience.  Our mobile service is not an add-on site like most major websites, but emphasizes the use of best practices to ensure best mobile experience via the mobile browser; this means NO application to download.

We are young (just launched) and want you to grow with us.  From every continent, village, large city, small town or remote location in a jungle.  If you have a mobile device that can access the Internet, you can use our service.

Hit us back on Twitter to share your thoughts.  Thanks for your time.

Disaster Relief Shared on Twitter Not Helpful, Really!

Sharing disaster relief information using Twitter is an interesting experience.  As I watch the streams go by, I can’t help but imagine, do people on the go see this or even know how to begin to use Twitter while fleeing a flood, wildfire or hurricane.  This goes to the underlying opportunity and thus the one we are pouncing on like a cheetah on a gazelle.

People need to know location-specific information that is relevant while on the go.  They need to have a section that points them directly to the Disaster Relief section that is relevant to the location in need; in this case Atlanta and Austell (the actual town where the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center is located).

People do not want to “search” Twitter streams to find vital information.  What’s more, you could not find this information using Directory Assistance for $1.75 per call.  You would get the number to FEMA and a recorded message.  When you visit GoSeeDo on the web, you can access information to help you make a decision.  Similar to Bing!  Structured data has value when the context is aligned with what people need.  This is our value proposition, because you cannot do this via Twitter or Bing or even Google for that matter; these services are simply not designed to meet mobile users context.  Rather they are broad channels to help locate information, which is often out of date or contextually wrong.

The same capability you see will be available on our mobile optimized site starting in October 2009.  We applied the latest best practices using Mobiforge to test our mobile pages and how they will render and the speed with which they will load.  Our tests range from 4.40 to 4.8 out of a scale of 1 to 5.  We are excited that our “mobile optimized site” will offer an example of the value of providing structured data to contextually relevant situations based on location in a user-friendly way that people will find pleasant, helpful and sensible.  The cost is .99 cents per month.

Our big challenge is getting out the word about our service, so please check us out, join us, for less than a dollar and use the service then use your favorite tool to distribute or yell to the world about us.

Free Mobile Information Service to Developing Countries

We are kicking off the “viral launch” of GoSeeDo.  Simply put, this offer is for people of developing and less developed countries to have a common platform to share events. Facebook, Twitter and other sites are nice platforms for distribution, but when you need accurate, fresh, and instantly available information on the Internet, this is what you have. Our information is ALWAYS COMPLETE because people who want you to know, post accurate content, because it is in their best interest to do so.

Our value is in our mobile service, which is .99 per month.  Since we are a global service, we want to gain traction outside the United States since this is a global service and frankly where most of our friends are.  We are offering FREE access to the site for the first 500 customers from ALL developing countries or emerging nations.

The site is now live and the mobile site launches October 2009.  Those first 500 people to sign up will enjoy a full 6 months of access to the most relevant mobile information service in the world.  In our testing of our sites readiness for mobile devices, we are scoring 4.0 or greater using Mobiforge.  The idea of GoSeeDo is simple: we provide the communication vehicle to share events, add, edit while on the go using your phone’s mobile browser.  There are many sites that allow you to add events, but this is THE FIRST that allows you to add from your mobile device.

You can add an UNLIMITED number of events, and TXT to your friends.  We encourage blog and website owners to add the GoSeeDo Logo to their site.  When you join, it is best to chose a username that is easy to remember, and all you do is tell your friends and customers the following: Visit (now) or (Oct 2009) and enter keyword (YOUR USERNAME).  All your current events will be displayed in the selected city or location to give you hyper-specific information.

Also, GoSeeDo visitors can share targeted Disaster Relief information to accurately and quickly offer help and locate services for people in need.  We treat Disasters as events, because they are, and thus people need to know.